Research Paper On Nursing Informatics

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teaching strategies and methodologies. I have never been exposed to developing teaching plans or materials. Since I am new to informatics, I have never developed competencies either. Because I have never been involved in teaching, I have not had the opportunity to assess the efficacy of the teaching and learner outcomes.
In this section, I have been exposed to computer-based training and simulators but will need education to master how they are used for education within nursing informatics. I have never been exposed to virtual reality, or teaching strategies and methodologies so will need complete education to master this information. I will also need to learn to develop teaching plans and competencies and how to evaluated the teaching
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Skill set required is the ability to troubleshoot hardware issues. I have knowledge of this area from a personal stand point and from a unit based professional standpoint. I do not consider myself proficient in either of those two areas thus I cannot be considered even slightly knowledgeable in the arena of nursing informatics. I will need to be educated fully to integrate knowledge of this competency into professional practice.
Types of software such as operating systems, applications and utilities, programming languages, and user support applications are the knowledge base for this competency. Necessary skill is interrogating and reporting from the database. I have heard of some of the different operating systems and languages although I have no programming experience in any of the languages used today. I have never interrogated a database or derived a report from the database.
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Audit trails, user security, intrusions and infections, system security and integrity, and information system disaster preparedness are also covered under this competency. The skill associated with this competency is defining and assigning role-based or system access. I have no knowledge of security regulations, audit trails, user security, or information system disaster preparedness. I have rudimentary knowledge of personal intrusion and infection system security from my own personal computer but no knowledge from the organizational informatics perspective. I also have no skill related to defining and assigning role-based or system access. I will need to rely on my education and clinical component to gain needed knowledge to become proficient in this area of
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