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The Olympic National Park

National Parks are one of the great gifts of nature. National Parks are often a designated area of wilderness kept preserve to protect wildlife and biodiversity in the society. This site attracts multiple people around the world leading to explore nature and understand the life around this park. The importance of the park brings many cultures together to experience the recreational activities the Olympic National Park provides. The Olympic National Park is one of the great national parks in the United States. This National Park is one of the top most visited parks in the United States. It continues to show its great features and reasons as a park, World Heritage site, and the many ecosystems it inhabits.
The park was located in Washington State and on the Olympic Peninsula in the Pacific Northwest. The Olympic National Park was created since the 1800s. Origin of the park was traced back to local tribes and communities back then. According to the National Park Service website (2016), “Eight contemporary tribes of the Olympic Peninsula - the Hoh, Ozette, Makah, Quinault, Quileute, Queets, Lower Elwha Klallam, and Jamestown S'Klallam” were the original tribes that stay and took care of the area. They often interacted with the park, thus creating strong relationships from the beginning. Around the 1880s, many visitors, naturalists, and others were in awe by the mountains of the park. Many naturalists like John Muir decided to fully explore the park

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