Research Paper On Orca

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The orca is widely known as a killer whale. However, it is a member of dolphin family. They are killers but never hunt people. They kill only for food. Their diet includes little fish, seals, and even whales. This is the reason why the orca is called the killer whale.
The orca is the largest species of dolphin. The adult males can reach 10 m. the adult females are usually smaller, about 6-7 m. Male orcas weigh approximately 5-6 tonnes and the female 3-4 tonnes. Male orcas can reach 1.8 m tall, but the females are usually half this height.
Orcas can live for 30–50 years, but female orcas can live until 90 years. They live in family groups called pods. Each pod usually contains 20–30 orcas. Pods stay in an area called a resident. They sometimes
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