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The Indian Retail sector has come off age and has gone through major transformation over the last decade with a noticeable shift towards organized retailing.
In the past few years, Indian Retail sector has seen tremendous growth in the organized segment. Major domestic players have stepped into the retail arena with long term, ambitious plans to expand their business across verticals, cities and formats.
The Research was conducted at the Mantri Square location of Pantaloons which is located at Malleshwaram. The Comparative Analysis is based on the data collected from several different competing stores in the same Industry.
Data was collected on the basis of several different information gathering techniques like questionnaire,
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Today, with numerous employment opportunities there are several choices for employers and employees.
One of the biggest challenges faced by retail stores is a high level battle between competitors for the retention of customers and the expansion of the consumer loyalty base.
Pantaloons India like all other retail companies has therefore come up with a carefully analysed and competitive loyalty programme to help with customer retention by offering the maximum additional benefits as possible.
This study is a Comparative Analysis of the loyalty program of Pantaloons India in comparison with other Retail service loyalty programs in India. The chosen competitors of pantaloons India were Fashion at Big Bazaar, Shoppers Stop, Reliance Trends, and Landmark Rewards.
1.2Need and Relevance of the Study:
The need of a superior Loyalty Program in comparison to competitors is highly important in today’s cutthroat competition of the Indian Retail
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In marketing terms, a loyalty card is a plastic or paper card, which is quite similar to the other financial cards in visibility and that, identifies the card holder as a member in a loyalty program. Loyalty Cards typically have a barcode or magnetic stripe that can be easily scanned when it is swiped at the particular stores. Loyalty cards can be in the form of small key ring cards which are often used for convenience in carrying and ease of access for the consumers. Loyalty programs are predominantly run by retailers and the service industry. Companies typically have several goals when launching loyalty programs, all of which are focused on generating greater profits from the program’s

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