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Good morning to all of you. It is a very great privilege to be able to be here with all of you today. My sincere appreciation to the ReachUp staff for the invitation they offered to us. It is a blessing to me to know the quality of service daily offered to you and the community by the personnel and all the programs that in a very real sense of the word spread life, motivation, growth and changes for a better future. Therefore, in gratitude for their commitment, devotion, skills and inspiration: what about joining me in producing a strong applause for the ReachUp team. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Keep advancing!

There is a story by Bruce Wilkinson about the “Parable of the Dreams Giver”. It is the story of Common Guy, a Nobody (to those who surrounded him) who leaves the “Family Land” in search of his Great Dream. The Parable follows “Common Guy” on the “Journey towards his Dream” in which he faced challenges never before known, learned that the way to the future he wished was closed with threatening obstacles pushing him back. He took difficult decisions and underwent difficult changes. He sacrificed dearly and realized that every difficult situation turned into an important opportunity to shape his character and he stood all this because he realized that the Great Dreams Giver created him to be “Somebody Extraordinary” and to achieve Great Goals.

The teaching of the “Parable of the Dreams Giver” is exactly driving in our minds that

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