Research Paper On Person Centred Care

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“Person centred care (PCC) is a holistic approach to the planning and delivery of healthcare that is grounded in a philosophy of personhood. While there are many definitions of PCC in the literature, each promotes self-determination and a commitment to helping individuals to lead the life they want.” Health professionals who employ person centred practices acknowledge that each person is “unique, has equal rights and worth and brings experience, skills and knowledge about their health and illness to each patient in their care.” Person centred nurses are expected to perform their duties in an “empathetic, respectful, ethical and open minded manner.” A nurse who employs a person centred approach “places the “person” at the centre of healthcare and considers the persons needs and wishes as paramount,” above any of their own individual and personal needs (Cited by Higgs et al, In the 1960s the original concept of ‘person centred care’ was established by Dr. Carl Rogers as an approach to psychoanalysis for ailing patients. The development of person centred care to the present day is an approach to nursing care which involves the “patient’s participation in their own care” (Cited by Cox, 2011). This advancement in patient care requires a therapeutic relationship between both the nurse and patient in order for the best outcome for the patient to be achieved. This therapeutic relationship which develops between the nurse and the person being…show more content…
This framework, as a recovery model for the promotion of mental health was developed in the 1990’s by Professor Phil Barker and Poppy Buchanan-Barker. The model set out to deliver a practice structure for the “exploration of the patient’s need for nursing and the provision of individually tailored care”. (Barker P,
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