Research Paper On Pharmacy

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Clinical pharmacy is defined by the American College of Clinical Pharmacy as “a health science discipline in which pharmacists provide patient care that optimizes medication therapy and promotes health, wellness, and disease prevention.”. Clinical pharmacy is a health specialty which assists in the appropriate use of drugs and devices and it is practiced in various settings including hospitals, community pharmacy, clinics and nursing homes. Clinical pharmacists are people who coordinate with healthcare professionals such as physicians and the patients to ensure the patient receive the most efficacious prescribed medications to produce the optimum outcomes. Clinical pharmacists have a broad and specialized knowledge on medication therapy and clinical experience and they usually participate in medication decision-making function as part of the patient’s health care team along with physicians and other health care professionals. They ideally bridge the gap between physicians and patients.…show more content…
Communication skills, patient counseling and monitoring skills, drug use evaluation, and designing pharmaceutical care plan are among the skills that a clinical pharmacist should have.
Clinical pharmacists are directly involved in patient care. Hospital-based clinical pharmacists participate in ward rounds with physicians to provide suggestions on drug therapy and to monitor patient outcome. Ambulatory care clinical pharmacists assist in the development of formularies. Clinical pharmacists working in the industrial setting conduct cost-benefit analyses on drugs and provide education on new drugs to insurance
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