Research Paper On Pizza House

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Ethnographic Study on DDDN Every time when I argue about what to eat for lunch with friends, we never come to a single agreement. Then one person comes up with an idea and says, “How about pizza?” Everyone silences for a moment, nods heads, and then head to DDDN Pizza House. Pizza is modifiable depending on tastes of the customers: toping, thickness of the dough and the way it is cooked. It is a fast food that nowadays is accessible to everyone at anytime, regardless of the cultural and socioeconomic status. On the other hand, eating pizza may hold different meanings to the people depending on their background—financial position, ages, gender et cetera. For instance, a seven-years old kid might consider pizza as the food that she can eat only on special occasions like birthday party. However for a university student, for me as an example, pizza is no more than a cheap, tasty fast food that I eat when I am running out of time to have a proper meal. For the ethnography paper, I decided to study DDDN pizza house. Spectrum of customers of DDDN is very wide, from children to adult, male to female, young to elderly, and domestic to international. From the observation I will address several key questions such as following: “How does the…show more content…
Kimchi pizza) are occasionally served. Once the customer pays for pizzas, worker asks her whether she will take the pizza out or eat it inside the restaurant. For the takeaway customer the employee gives a triangular paper box that resembles the shape of a sliced pizza. In the latter case the employee lends customer an empty dish. Then the customer chooses pizza of any flavor among the ones that are prepared. Occasionally madam gives deserts out as free to the students. When I asked about why she gives out deserts free during the interview, she answered that it is one of the ways to express her affection toward the school and the
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