Research Paper On Project Management

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1. Abstract

This literature-based research paper will discuss the following statement:

“Project success is dependent on the organizational Project Management strategy and having the right project manager appointed to the project under consideration.” This paper presents a review and analysis of research-based literature concerning the criteria by which project success is judged, the factors that contribute to the success of projects; and the knowledge, skills and personal attributes of project managers that are expected to lead to achievement of successful project outcomes. The study focuses on what project management is and what constitutes organizational project management strategy. It also looks at what are the types of projects that could be differentiated and how are they differentiated.

Keywords: project management, project success, project management skills, project management
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It is a strategic capability for organisations which allows them to link projects results to business goals. Hence, allowing them to better compete in their markets. (PMI 2008)

Another definition for a project given by the dictionary is “an individual or collaborative enterprise that is carefully planned to achieve a particular aim”. The explanation given by the dictionary could be enhanced by adding that the project

Project management has come a long way since its modern introduction to construction projects in the late 1950s. Now, it is an established discipline which executively manages the full development process, from the client’s idea to funding coordination and acquirement of planning and statutory controls approval, sustainability, design delivery, through to the selection and procurement of the project team, construction, commissioning, handover, review, to facilities management
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