Research Paper On Quality Management

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Project Quality Management


Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to explore the concept of supply chain quality management and to propose a research model that considers the impact of supply chain quality management practices on firm performance. It is also to identify the project is suitable needs for undertaken.
Design / methodology / approach - To refer a literature review for a comprehensive, supply chain quality management practices most relevant were analysed and selected. Moreover, the measurement instrument of firm performance was also developed, including three aspects which are operational performance, customer satisfaction, and financial performance. For these practices were categorized into four dimensions such as upstream,
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The important thing on the road to gain a further insight, an extensive structural model that identifies direct and indirect relationships between supply chain quality management and firm performance was also developed. Not only that, the conceptual framework can also be used as a guideline for building theory and measurement instrument development of supply chain quality management and firm performance.
Originality / value – Refer to the integrated quality and supply chain management is still limited in the literature. For a more focused approach, this paper focuses on the aspects of quality that are recognized as the quality of supply chain management practices. Next, the proposed research model in this paper not only fills the void in the literature but also contribute to the conceptual framework for building theories chain quality management and firm performance.
Keywords – Quality management, Supply Chain Management, Supply chain quality management practices and Firm Performance,
Paper type – Conceptual paper
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