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It was the winter of 2009, my siblings and I went to go play in the snow. We went to the backyard, and in order to go to the backyard we had to jump the fence. We were having a great time; we made a snow fort, had a snowball fight, but when we were playing tag my brother tripped and twisted his ankle. We were going to take him back inside so we were about to leave but, he couldn’t climb over the fence and it was buried in the snow so we couldn’t move it. My friend Caleb, and his sister heard and we tried to move the fence together. Eventually they gave up, and went back home because their mom was calling them. Which made me kind of angry, but I realized that ninety five percent of friends don’t have that bond that family does. We stayed with…show more content…
It was really easy, it was too easy when we got there we went in the pool and 30 seconds later we saw there was a raccoon we stared at it then ran away screaming! The raccoon started chasing us, we ran up the stairs screaming then in perfect unison we slammed the hallway door and sat behind it. Then we realized we left the key at the pool… so we went down together and saw the raccoon again so we went grabbed the card when I fell in the pool. Instead of leaving me, my sister helped me out and we left.

Now you may be wondering what the heck this has to with family? Well instead of leaving me at the mercy of some crazy Raccoon she risked herself to help me out, but it turned out the Raccoon wasn’t going to hurt us. It’s the thought that matters, aright?

This doesn’t mean you have to stay with family forever, we all get sick, and tired of our family every once in a while. On the other hand just thinking that if my family died I wouldn’t be able to function it would be like a huge void in my heart so whenever I think of that I am thankful, to have family that I can believe will be with me forever until we’re nothing but dust and
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