Research Paper On Race And Ethnicity

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Race and ethnicity
Race and ethnicity are the occasionally have been used interchangeably. Race is described as a person’s physical appearance such as skin color, eye color, hair and many other biological traits and characteristics. Race mainly refers to the differences in skin color in the contemporary world. When we say that person is fair skinned or is black we are referring to the race of that person. Ethnicity is the cultural aspect of a an individual or a group such as the nationality of the person, the language they use to communicate, their descendants , the particular region they inhabit for example American, African, African Americans, etc. In a nutshell race is an overview of how you look and ethnicity is the social and cultural aspect of grouping you are born into.
Physical and biological anthropologists have proven the existence of human race. But the word ’race
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This is of opinion that the differences and issues of race and ethnicity at some point have served the society. The big question here is how racism and discrimination positively accord to society. That is because it is beneficial only to those belonging to dominant race and ethnicity not to the society or community as a whole. It has helped the dominant reap advantage from the subordinates. The best example could be the slavery. Slaveholders were benefitted considerably especially when industrialization first came into practice.
Despite the increase in the poverty, crime and discrimination against the inferior ones and the discrepancies in the education and occupation it has some advantage to the society because members of the impoverish have a sense of oneness and promote the group solidity. They can act and form mass mobilization for their rightful place, position and recognition.
Conflict theory / critical
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