Research Paper On Renewable Energy

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Renewable Revenue Here in America, our financial situation continues to look more and more depressing as the debt continues to pile up and the people on top do not seem to have any plan to fix it. The biggest issue our economy currently faces is the generation of revenue to pay off our debt to foreign money lenders there are plenty of smaller factors that plague this nation’s economic stability. Thankfully, they all share one thing in common, which is that many of them could be mitigated by the large-scale implementation of renewable energy through the nation. We’ve all been taught from a very young age that renewable energy is good simply because it is better for our environment than the usage of fossil fuels, but we were never taught…show more content…
One great example is South-East Finland. This area has already implemented many common renewable energy methods such as wood fuels, solar power, wind power, hydro power, and biomass. Some of these methods are stronger than others, however, hydro power is not only expected to remain stable, but potential increase production in the coming years. “It is evaluated that the volume of hydro power will remain at the current level by 2020. However, by renovation of hydro power plants the maximum production could be significantly increased.” Another example of real-world implementation of renewable resources is the Belgorod region of Russia. This region was previously having issues with energy efficiency due to standing federal laws making it difficult to rely on traditional energy sources. Thankfully this issue was resolved with the use of biomass. “Along with economic effect biogas production will also result in the solution of environmental problems through increasing resource efficiency and waste recycling” (Pakina 152). One of the biggest reasons as to why renewable energy is so much of a preferable alternative of fossil fuels today as opposed to the past is due to revolutionary breakthroughs in renewable energy technology. “Solar energy is clean, free, and abundant worldwide” (Schnittka, 26). Solar power has always
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