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Repiping | Plumbing Arlington
If you are tired of consistent water leaks, low water pressure and/or discolored water, repiping is the solution for your home's plumbing in Arlington, TX. Mister Sparky plumbers in Arlington, TX have the training, skill and latest technology for providing for your plumbing needs.
Discolored Water
Galvanized pipe is steel pipe still found in numerous older homes. Originally coated with zinc to prevent corrosion, over time the zinc erodes leaving the steel to rust from the inside out. Exposure to hard water, water with a heavy mineral presence, can accelerate the process. Eventually, due to the presence of rust, corrosion and the clogging due to minerals, water may be discolored, have an unpleasant taste, and
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How long it will last depends on the grade and thickness of the pipe as different grades are available. Furthermore, the chemistry of the water it delivers can affect its lifespan. By selecting a quality grade of pipe, and choosing a qualified licensed plumber for installation, you will assure a better outcome for your home's plumbing in Arlington, TX. Polybutylene
As with galvanized pipe, polybutylene is an outdated form of plumbing. Polybutylene was an economical choice used between 1978 and 1995 in both home's and underground water mains. It has a history of causing extensive and costly damage to structures, typically failing without warning. Once you have your home repiped, plumbing generally lasts an extremely long time, polybutylene is an exception. When your home contains polybutylene piping, replacement is highly advised. Contact a Ben Franklin plumber to schedule repiping of your home's plumbing in Arlington, TX.
PVC and CPVC Pipe
PVC and CPVC is a type of plastic pipe with an established reputation of reliability when installed properly. The joints are glued, rather than soldered as in copper pipe. As with soldering, proper joining is necessary to ensure reliability. It is not recommended to install PVC or CPVC in outdoor locations exposed to the sun's ultraviolet rays, or in locations where it is vulnerable to freezing.
PEX Pipe
PEX pipe is the newest plumbing solution. PEX is an extremely flexible plastic pipe, and utilizes crimped connections rather than
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