Research Paper On Resurrection Of Jesus

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The resurrection of Jesus Christ is not a miracle, special effects or a magic show. It's a message, a sign, it has a deeper meaning. When I think of the resurrection, the word hope comes to mind. If I had a penny for every time I thought I was going to give up I would have a lot of pennies. But in my doubts, I thought about Jesus rising from the grave and what he went through, how he had faith in his father, and hope in his heart that he would be able to get through the pain he was suffering from us, why can't I keep pushing through. Now I'm not saying I'm Jesus, I couldn't go through all that pain for a lot of these people and still have love for all of them afterwards, that's why he's one of a kind. The resurrection gives me hope in society,…show more content…
Policeman was yelling at him saying he was walkingin the middle of the street the whole way for the movies. Something made me get up from my seat walk over to the police and say to him "he was clearly on the sidewalk, you know it, they know it and I know it". We gotin a heated arguement which ended in a staredown, I was nervous cuz I didn't know what wouldhappen to me but something said stand your ground. He gave the kid a two hundred dollar ticket, I took out my tip money, gave it to the young guy and said "put that towards the ticket man." The young boy looked up to me and said i give him hope, which gave me hope again for this world. It made me think again if Jesus didnt give up on hope why should I. Anytime when i think of the resurrection it gives me hope, so when you feel like giving up, throwingin the towel, feeling lonely, rejected, crying yourself to sleep, even ready to jump on your children. Think of the resurrection, have hope that better days are to come, have hopein that seed that you planted i Jesus will never leave or foresaken you, so you should not give up
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