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Richard Rorty was a philosopher who hated Philosophy. He was a 20th Century philosopher. He was a professor at the University of Chicago. Rorty was born in New York on October of 1931. Richard struggled in his younger years. He went into depression, was offered medical help. When he was 15, he was registered for University of Chicago, where he attended. He was awarded a bachelor’s and a master's degree in philosophy. Richard was married and had one son, Jay, by his first wife. After being in the army, he divorced his wife. Later, he married again and had 2 more children with that wife. After getting out of the army, He became a professor at a University. He taught Philosophy for 21 years. In 2005, Rorty retired. From the time Richard enrolled…show more content…
Against this approach, Rorty advocated for a novel form of American pragmatism, sometimes called neopragmatism, in which scientific and philosophical methods form merely a set of contingent "vocabularies" which people abandon or adopt over time according to social conventions and usefulness. According to Rorty, analytic philosophy may not have lived up to its pretensions and may not have solved the puzzles it thought it had. Yet such philosophy, in the process of finding reasons for putting those pretensions and puzzles aside, helped earn itself an important place in the history of ideas. By giving up on the quest for apodicticity and finality that Edmund Husserl shared with Rudolf Carnap and Bertrand Russell, and by finding new reasons for thinking that such quest will never succeed, analytic philosophy cleared a path that leads past scientism, just as the German idealists cleared a path that led around empiricism. Martin Heidegger encouraged Rorty to process permanence. For the history of western. They both underlyed persisted from plato. Rorty agreed with Hegel about the quest for clarity. They attempted to escape for times than not. Rorty and Hegel looked at philosophy as a way of life. They both understood eachother in a way no one else could. Philosophy was their life, what they lived and breathed. All philosophers had different views on all things. Rorty says there is no gap between human psychology and biology than chemistry and biology. His beliefs follow easily from Deweyan take on Darwinism. When they accept the pragmatism then they will disguise between human and the natural. Rortys writing was an overall view of Philosophy. A way to cope with, and achieve our purposes and desires. Rorty says there is a difference between natural than from social. For Rorty, some results of merging was the truth of dropping realist, anti-realist, and issues. Rorty
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