Research Paper On Rolex-Panerai

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In a chest drawers found at the home of his late father, Cheshire man uncovered a watch that he had never seen before. It was a clock that only 618 others were made from. They sold for around £500, or that is what he expected, but when the auctioneer told him that the sale price had reached three time higher than that, the man was left dumbstruck. What was the watch found? It was a Rolex-Panerai that they issued exclusively to divers of the Royal Italian Navy. Such as watch came from a humble purchase at a car boot sale that cost £10, but it sold for over £55,000 because of the rarity of this Rolex that they issued to the Italian navy divers during World War II. When clearing the drawers of his father's house, the Cheshire man felt shock as what he had discovered especially at the final sale price. Panerai, an Italian company, made these watches while collaborating with Rolex's movement. It is a somewhat over-sized wristwatch, but what is interesting is that it sold for £55,000 without a strap, and it had a non-functioning mechanism. Imagine what price that watch could have fetched if it had been fully functioning. It still managed to attract enough interest that it sold for £46,000. However, when you add all the fees, the total price at the end was around £55,660.…show more content…
Panerai, a famous Italian watchmaker, used the Rolex movements, and he made it specifically waterproof for the Royal Italian Navy. They made the face of this timepiece over sized because they wanted it to be visible even in the
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