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Rosneft Oil Company Introduction: Rosneft is one of the world’s largest petroleum companies and it’s the leader of Russia’s petroleum business. Rosneft actions contain hydrocarbon examination and construction, hydrocarbon refining, upstream offshore projects, and crude oil, gas and product marketing in Russia and many other countries. Rosneft Company is a leader in the development of extraordinary quality reconstruction and innovational modifications in the petroleum trade of Russia. Rosneft Company Petroleum’s are all in high quality and its different from the other Petroleum Companies Rosneft was founded in 1993, owned by the government of Russia, and its business was oil and gas. The revenue of the company was US$102.0 billion…show more content…
Rosneft Company has nine large refineries and four mini refineries, the nine large refineries are in the territory of Russia which are: Achinsk Refinery, Kuibyshev Refinery, Komsomolsk Refinery, Syzran Refinery, Saratov Refinery, Tuapse Refinery, Novo Kuibyshev Refinery, Angarsk Petrochemical Company and Ryazan Oil Refining Company, and the four mini refineries are in: Timan-Pechora, Western and Eastern of Siberia, and the Southern part of European Russia. In Russian oil and gas business Rosneft Company is the leader. Rosneft Company’s goal is to produce a progressive oil business of novel kind that will allow satisfying intentional requirements of the Company. Rosneft Company has been through many things during the company working here are some things that the Rosneft Company did in their history: In 1998, for the first time Rosneft produces oil from Sakhalin ledge. And in the same year Russia the place that Rosneft Company was in, Russia’s trade and industry heads presented important economic and process tasks for Rosneft. In 1999, the Rosneft Company creates to instrument…show more content…
Again Rosneft Company receives some license just like 2002 too but this time the licenses are too develop the Vankor and North Vankor fields in the East of Siberia. This time an investigation starts on the shelf of the Azov Sea and the Company acquires Svernaya Neft. In the year of 2004, this time Rosneft Company acquires Baikalfinancegroup, which is the owner of Yukanskeftegaz. The company starts to experimental drill at the Sakhalin-5 project and Vankor Field. In the year of 2004 they transported structure appointed using the Belokamaneka fluctuating oil tank and Privodino support station. And in the year of 2005, the production of oil begins in Sakhalin-1 and the production within Sakhalin-5 project was well completed by a high quality that started in the year of 2004. This time the Rosneft Company acquires Verkhnechonskoye field and a license for the East Sugdinsky. In the year of 2006 many agreements will happen between Rosneft Company and the other companies. The agreements are that the Rosneft Company agrees with the CNPC to begin a shared project in Russia. Rosneft Company and BP together they sign a treaty to together improve the Sakhalin shelf. Rosneft Company entered into an agreement with the Gazprom too and the agreement was kind of a strategic agreement. The company of Rosneft acquires a 49.4% prize in the Udmurtneft and

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