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10 DIY Rustic Wedding Ideas
Thought of weddings spreads smiles and hope of love and admiration. Rustic weddings are getting popular these days though the effervescence of wedding remains the same but people wish to bring in a positive change. The best part of rustic wedding is you don’t have to spend lavishly on the arrangements and DIY techniques comes handy. Do-It-Yourself inspires you and it gives immense satisfaction to the doer and adds personal touch to the occasion.
Wedding is not one man show, it is a group job and the amalgamation of ideas turns the event into a memorable one.
If you are planning a wedding in near future and wish to go for rustic arrangement for both wedding and reception, here are the 10 best ideas that you can incorporate or
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Flower Chandelier
Flower chandelier is very easy to give shape and you choose either fresh flowers or silk flowers for them. You require a plastic or wooden hoop and decorate with flowers. Silk flowers will last longer but if you are lover of fresh flowers then go for it. 9. Appetizers in Rustic Frame
You can serve finger food in trays which has carpet of grass or foam can be used for tray decoration. Stack finger foods in tooth picks and arrange in the DIY tray. It will add exquisite look and guests will be honoured by your servings. 10. Baby’s Breath Wedding Globes
Baby’s breath wedding globes is a delight for the rustic weddings. Make ample of them and you can hang around on the wedding or reception venue, it will steal your heart. You require foam, baby breath, and floral wire to give a beautiful shape. These varied ideas and your DIY efforts will add wonderful appeal to your rustic wedding and more and more will be inspired by your unique ideas. Wedding is decided in heaven but the arrangements to make the couple’s wedding day is certainly made on
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