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Yves Saint Laurent born in 1 August 1936 – 1 June 2008. He was born in Algeria in the city Oran. He grew up in a house next to the sea with his two younger sisters Birgitte and Michèle.
In 1948, Saint Laurent found an interest in the Paris fashion early on and used to copy garment models in magazines before sketching his personal creations.
In 1953 just after his 17th birthday he saw an advertisement in the Paris Match journal about the Wool Secretariat’s annual competition with famous couturier judges such as Dior and Balmain. He sent three sketches , one of a dress, a suit and a coat, and he won the third place in the dress category. Yves Saint Laurent traveled to Paris with the company of his mother to get the prize he just won and he also met Vogue magazine’s Editor Michel De Brunhoff who was about to have an enormous influence in Yves Saint Laurent’s life. De Brunhoff encouraged Saint
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In November that year did Saint Laurent attend to another competition called French Wool Board competition and he won first and third dress prizes. The first model was made in Hubert De Givenchy’s workshop and was a black crepe cocktail dress. In December that year did Saint Laurent show Brunhoff fifty new sketches who after went and showed them to Christian Dior. Dior was impressed of how the sketches looked similar to Dior’s even thought he was sure that Saint Laurent did not seen his sketches before and hired him as his studio assistant.
1955 June 20th the first dress he made for Dior was immortalized in Richard Avadons Dovima & The Elephants. He also meets Anne Marie Munoz at this time who will work with him later on when he opens his own fashion house.
1957 October 24, Christian Dior gets an heart attack and dies in Montecatini in Italy. Short after Yves Saint Laurent replaces Dior in 15th of November and became the youngest couturier in the world, he was only 21 year old at this
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