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Santa Clause, an incredibly plump elder who delivers the finest gifts and brings joy upon all, however, is he real? Santa has been around for a numerous amount of years, celebrated and beleived by many, therfore creating people who question the old man, Is Santa Claus real? The question asked by a countless amount of people who truly want the answer.There is indeed a living, breathing, gift giving Santa Claus.

Many have had some sort of interaction with the big guy, including the dissapearance of cookies and milk served for him over night.Also the appearance of presents, what he is known for, randomly occur on Christmas day. Not to mention all of the Santa sightings over the years. In addition Science has proved Santa Claus had
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They do not believe one man can do it in one night, but he does not! He has elves to help with this big job, and no one truly knows how many elves he has either. In addidtion Santa, as said before, has been interviewed, seen, and tracked an innumerable amount of times. Santa "employs a group of elves to manufacture toys, distributes the gifts annually with the aidd of flying reindeer" (Source 1 Paragraph 1), Santa is helped in various ways that he should be able to manage the impossible. If he can fly on reindeers than surley he can do other non-believable things as well.

Santa is believed in the hearts of many, he has been around for a while and is spreading joy around the world. Though you might not see him, that does not conculde that he is not real. He is believed to be there year and year after. He spreads christmas joy to everyone making him more believed by many people year after year. Though we can not truly physically see or touch him, he is felt by many in their hearts. His presence is constantly felt every christmas down in our
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