Research Paper On Sentiment Analysis

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Due to the large volume of opinion rich web resources like twitter, Face book, blogs and news available in digital form, much of the current research is focusing on the area of sentiment analysis using text analysis. People are getting attracted to develop a system that can extract opinions based on their response on social media sites. Algorithms can be developed so as to predict preferences of people to improve economic and marketing research. This paper presents a sentiment analysis on a recent scenario of Uri Attack.

Index Terms- Rich Web Resources, Text Analysis, Uri Attack

Sentiment analysis is a technique for tracking the mood or sentiment of the public for a particular product or incident. Sentiment analysis is also called as opinion mining and it involves in making of a machine that
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Sentiment analysis concentrates on attitudes, whereas the traditional method of text mining mainly focuses on the analysis of facts. There are few main fields of research in Sentiment analysis: sentiment classification, feature based sentiment classification and opinion summarization. Sentiment classification deals with classifying entire document according to the opinions shown with respect to a certain object. While feature-based sentiment classification considers the opinions on the features of a certain object. Opinion summarization task is different compared to traditional text summarization because only the features of the product are examined on which the customers have expressed their opinions via any social media. Opinion summarization does not summarize the reviews by selecting a subset or rewriting some of the original sentences from the reviews to capture the main points like in the classic text summarization
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