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Shahzia Sikander As we all knew Indo-Persian Miniature paintings are very famous around our nation because of their small size, having a theme and better illustrations. There are many artists who made the Indo-Persian Miniature paintings to show their talent to people; Shahiza Sikander is one of the Pakistani artists who is an expert in the Indo-Persian painting. Sikander was born in 1969 in Lahore, Pakistan. The reason Sikander was so good at it because she revised her Bachelors of Fine Art degree in Indo-Persian style of miniature paintings at The National College of Art in Lahore, Pakistan. She also earned her a Maters of Fine Art degree in 1995 from the Rhode Island school of design of united state. Sikander is an amazing artist who works in drawing, painting, animation, large-scale installation, performance and video, on an international stage. Sikander’s is a champion art because of her experience. So her Indo-Persian paintings were extremely inspiring to others because it is very well done and carries many thoughts, which shows cultures, traditions and beliefs. Sikander’s most of the Indo-Persian Miniature painting was related to historical issue’s, peoples, animals, and tradition’s. For example, in Sikander art is she mainly explore about…show more content…
Sikander had done her work very clearly and casually. Her Miniature paintings were very attracting due to her deep thinking and experience. The reason I like her artwork most because it is relate to the history of Hindu and Muslim culture. As I’m a Asian Indian, I think I know some of the Indian history, which Sikander mention in her art like the god (Krishna) and (women fan) Gopi’s stories. Although I know what is Indian classical dance, Mughal durbar and what did and why people get together there because I study this in my history books. I think that could be the reason, I choose Shahzia Sikander for the

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