Research Paper On Siegfried Sassoon

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I’ve decided to do my War Poets and Writers assignment on the English war poet, Siegfried Sassoon. He was born on September 8th, 1886 in Kent, England. His father was part of a Jewish merchant family, and his mother was a part of the artistic Thorneycroft family. He also had two brothers, Michael and Hamo. Sassoon studied at Cambridge University, but left without a degree.

In May of 1915, he was appointed to the Royal Welsh Fusiliers. He was given the nickname ‘Mad Jack’ for the many acts of bravery he displayed on the battlefield. He was also decorated twice for his acts of bravery. His brother Hamo was killed in November 1915 at Gallipoli. Being that he was rich and “innocent”, the realities of war horrified him and influenced
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