Research Paper On Siemens Kalwa Work

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Training and Development at Siemens kalwa works

Siemens provide learning and development opportunities to its employees to ensure skills and competence enhancement. The training courses are offered to the employees of Siemens internally. These are made available to them via Siemens learning campus. The learning process is pertaining to behavioral and functional learning needs emerging at –
• Organizational level
• Divisional or group level
• Individual level The governance and control of the complete process is the joint responsibility of
- T&D team of the company
- Regional delivery centre
- Training support services
- HR business partners

In the process of learning and development the employee is himself responsible for his/her learning. The employee has to initiate if he needs a training by logging on to learning management system – Training and Learning Management Style (TRAiLS) and uploading the training needs which were identified for him/her during the employee dialogue.


1. Objective Setting

Before starting the actual process of training there is a lot of pre work which is done. The very first step of training and development is objective setting. It is important to set objectives of the organization, so in order to move towards objective setting, a formal feedback is taken from the ground level. These feedback helps in forming targets. It is important to set a target for each
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If the individual targets are fulfilled but the team’s target is not achieved then it does not give any contribution to the company. Therefore, target setting is both upward direction as well as in downward direction. Though target setting is crucial it is also essential for a company to take care of their employees, to develop them and train them in order to stay tuned with changing environment. Thus, this is the point from where the need of training
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