Research Paper On Singaporean Culture

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Cross-Cultural Research Project: Singaporean Culture Interview 1: Question: Can you tell me about Singaporean Culture? What is it like? Answer: The name Singapore is derived from Singa-pura it means city of the lion. The culture of Singapore is the combination of Asian and European cultures. The main cultural traditions are Malay, Indian, Chinese, and British. Question: as you said Singapore is a combination of Asian and European culture, so can you tell me about traditional holidays? Since it is a combination of few cultures there must be many religions right? Can you tell me? Answer: In Singapore we have so many public holidays such as Christian, Muslim, and Indian holidays. I have heard that there are around 10 major religions, it is including…show more content…
Answer: For you it will be very hot, because here in Singapore always summer and +30C every day. Foreign students says studying here in Singapore is too expensive. But if you have a work here it is fine to live, because salaries are high enough to live and taxes are low. Interview 2: Question: Today let’s talk about strange things of Singapore. Why chewing gum is banned in Singapore? Answer: The ban on the sale and import of chewing gum was enacted in 1992, after the government decided that there were too many vandals disrupting the public transit system by sticking their used gum on the doors of the trains. From 2004, chewing gum became available to buy from a doctor. Question: Why does Singaporeans call all older people aunty or uncle? Answer: Of course we are not related to everyone on the island, but we are polite creatures. Calling older people aunty and uncle is sign of respect for our elders. Question: I know there is a fruit called King fruit “Durian”, can you tell me about this fruit? Answer: This fruit is called king of the fruits, because it tastes like heaven and smells like hell. The durian is the only fruit that banned from airline cabins, hotels and public transportation. And now you can imagine the smell
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