Research Paper On Six Sigma

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Six Sigma is a business instrument for the betterment of a process. It is a controlled approach and methodology for obviating defects in any process such as manufacturing, businesses and any product or service. Six Sigma has been gaining tremendous popularity in industry today. However, academics have conducted limited research on this rising phenomenon. Interpreting Six Sigma primarily requires giving out a conceptual definition and describing an underlying theory. This topic uses Grounded theory approach and meager literature available to suggest an initial definition and theory of Six Sigma. This paper indicates that although tools and techniques on the topic are similar to earlier approaches of quality management, it provides a structure which is more detailed. This emerging structure for quality management attempts to improve the quality of the yield of a process by identifying and obviating the defects and causes lowering variability in business processes. Also one of the important areas touched upon is the conceptual understanding of Six Sigma. Each Six Sigma project executed inside an
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The ongoing policy changes in the society and economy should be carried out in conformity with the principles of environmental protection and sustainable development. Hence, our country introduces a number of voluntary environmental methods and tools such as environmental assessment and labeling of products, environmental audits, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Environmental Management Systems (EMS), ecological profile of the product and so forth. With the introduction of these, the organizations make way for a stable and integrated approach in terms of quality, economic, security and environmental interests. One of the leading tools used in practice today, is Six Sigma, whose implementation has been step by step advanced into the
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