Research Paper On Small Pox

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Smallpox is an infectious virus that has influenced people for many centuries. Smallpox got its name from a latin word called ¨spotted¨ since you get those bumps that are red all over your body. You could easily prevent this disease. There are a couple symptoms to smallpox, mostly affecting your skin. The first couple of days, it will begin with normal symptoms of a fever. Eventually, there will be body aches, headaches, and you will begin to feel weaker. Small, round blisters appear all around the body. Within a week, the pox becomes filled with pus and gets bigger. Then eventually, the blisters crust and stomach pains will most likely occur. Within the next couple of weeks, the blisters become scabs and they fall off, which result in scars on the skin. You could get scars, blindness and your hands and feet could get deformed. The scars stay on your body.…show more content…
One of the 1st people to get smallpox was Pharaoh Ramses V. In the year of 1967 over 131,000 cases occurred from 42 countries. Now, no-one has smallpox. There is a way to prevent it but not much treatment for smallpox. You could stay away from direct contact with someone who might have it. If you know someone who has it then you shouldn't share drinks, kiss, handshakes, and ect. You can get a smallpox vaccination or anti-virals. The vaccination will protect/prevent you from getting it. There is no cure for smallpox.
There's not much stories about smallpox but some of our most known presidents had smallpox. Abraham Lincoln had Smallpox for 4 weeks when he was on a train. Andrew Jackson had it at age 14. George Washington had Smallpox at age 19. I learned that this disease took place a long time
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