Research Paper On Software Modeling

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This research paper will be focus on different software modeling techniques. Software modeling is concerned with development process of software. Software modeling is central part of almost all activities that took place in software development. These models help us to envision a system according to our requirement by describing the structure and behavior of the system. There are three basic techniques of software modeling; object oriented modeling, dynamic modeling and functional modeling. Object oriented modeling concept start in 1990s, its basic building block is object that is the instant of any class, and here class is a template containing attributes and methods of objects. Classes and their relationships are present in class diagram. As a class have many type of relations with other class within a class diagram. These relationships are about inheritance and some are about…show more content…
Keywords: Software modeling, Object oriented modeling, dynamic modeling, functional modeling, inheritance, association, polymorphism, encapsulation, interaction diagram, state diagrams, decision tables I. INTRODUCTION In current era use of computers and machines are become vital in daily life. To operate these machines, we need to give them instruction of doing some work in specific format which is called software. So, when a problem arises or identified and one want a solution by using machines, need of new software arise. And thus, a software development life cycle starts. To make this life cycle more efficient and accurate, different SDLC model and software development modeling techniques exist. Here in this research paper we will discuss software modeling techniques. The term “model” is derived from the Latin word modulus, which means pattern, measure, and rule. While a modeling language is any artificial
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