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Sojourner Truth, a prominent abolitionist and women’s right activists who was born into slavery. Truth wanted women to have equal rights as men. Her main focus was women suffrage or their right to vote. As a women’s right activists, Truth helped with prison reform, with the union, and helped with the overall development of the United States.
She was born in Swartekill, Ulster County, New York. Ulster County was one of New York’s original counties organized in 1683 and named after the Irish title of the Duke of York. Sojourner Trust was born as Isabella Baumfree. Truth’s date of birth was never recorded, as most of the children born into slavery, but historians estimated that she was born around 1797. Sojourner Truth was one of twelve
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In the month of May in 1851, Truth distributed her famous “Ain’t I a Women?” speech at the Ohio Women’s Rights Convention in Akron. The speech help developed the United States by emphasizing that woman can do anything a man could so, therefore, women should be granted the same rights as a man or anyone of freedom. As Truth’s reputation raised and the abolition movement expanded momentum, she received an increasingly larger and more welcoming audiences. Even in abolitionist circles, some of Truth’s views were considered extensive. She wanted political equality for all sorts of women, and admonish the abolitionist community for failing to pursue civil rights for women of color as well as men. She blatantly conveys her concerns that the drive would die off after achieving victories for black men, while leaving both colored and uncolored women deprived of suffrage and important political rights.

Truth set her reputation to work throughout the Civil War, serving to recruit colored troops for the Union Army. She persuaded her grandson, James Caldwell, to register in the fifty-fourth Massachusetts Regiment. In 1864, Truth was called to Washington, D.C., to subsidize to the National Freedman’s Relief Association. From time to time, Truth encountered and spoke with President Abraham Lincoln about her views and her understandings. True to her extensive restructuring ideals, Truth continued to stir for change
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