Research Paper On Sojourner Truth

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Sojourner Truth was a strong, independent woman who had many events shape her into the woman that she was. All her life, she fought hard for slave and women’s rights. She spoke freely and independently at all her speeches which showed her dedication. Although Sojourner Truth spent most of her life an abolitionist, she was also an excellent activist in women’s rights. Sojourner Truth, born with the name Isabella Baumfree, was a famous African-American woman in her time. She was born into slavery in the year of 1797 in the state of New York. Even though she did not receive any education, she was still very intelligent. She had a low voice which some listeners deemed it masculine but her singing voice was beautifully powerful. She did have five children with her husband Thomas but left them to be free from slavery. Sojourner Truth died on November 26, 1883 but in her life time, she inspired many people with her speeches. Isabella was a strong-willed woman who knew when it was her time to be freed. Isabella worked for the Dumont’s as many things. She mainly did work out in the fields like the men because of her masculine physique but later the Dumont’s relied on her nursing abilities that every woman back then had. Isabella was a wife to Thomas who was another slave of the John Dumont, her owner and struck a deal to be free after a year and a half but when John Dumont finally made that deal, Isabella injured her hand. This, however did not hold her back while worked.
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