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Sparta was known in Greek as Sparti. The city lied at the southern end of the central Laconia plain, on the right bank of the Eurotas River. Its population was about 100,000 and it was located in the Laconia region. It had a fairly temperate but very dry climate. Sparta’s also depended on agriculture for their sustenance. They had a mandatory military service. Their system of leadership was Oligarchic and their descendants were mostly the descendants of the Dorian invaders. Athens, on the other hand, was the largest capital city of Greece. Its citizens were about 140,000. The region in which Athens was situated was Attica. The city of Athens had a Mediterranean climate. Athenians depended on trade and agriculture for survival. They did not have a military based system. They practiced Democracy and their descendants were mostly from Ionian descent. (Diffen, n.d).

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The Athenian people had a very modernized and an opened outlook towards life. In contrast to Sparta, in Athens, males were not obliged to join the armed forces they had the opportunity to pursue a good education and distinct varieties of arts and sciences courses. The people of Sparta were not open to other forms of education they only focused on military obedience and power. They didn’t also associate with people outside their territories. Family ties in Athens however, were much stronger. Women were officially dependents of their spouses or their fathers. Women in Athens had no right to own an asset apart from their family. In Sparta, women enjoyed more privileges than women in the other Greek countries did. Women in Sparta were stronger and they formed close relations with their men as they chose. Women could also possess their own assets. In the Athenian region females worked on house chores such as cooking or weaving but in Sparta, the females were free of all of such chores. (Differ,
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