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Human’s can barely walk on their own two feet imagine if they actually tried to walk on a wall or fly from one building to another? Well, early in my teen years when I was thirteen I was really obsessed with the film Spiderman and I was so into it that I actually tired “walking” on the wall because clearly I couldn’t put by hand out and all the sudden form a sticky web so the force can pull me me against the wall. I tried multiple times and I’m sure the result is pretty evident that I couldn’t even get one foot on the wall while rest of my body was just on the floor while I was pushing myself up and believing in a fiction that if I try everyday maybe one magical day I would be able to actually walk on the wall and be like Spiderman. However, as I grew older and wiser I than realized that walking on the wall is slightly impossible…show more content…
I thought it was actually very interesting that Puiu actually spent the time to research why Spiderman is not realistic and gathered very accurate information supporting his beliefs. As mentioned in the article a spider usually has “small hairs on its feet which is called the “setules” which then helps the spider grip to walls, buildings, and multiple surfaces with of course a force that is greater than 170 of its own weight” (Puiu,1). The force that would make this possible are “van der Waals” we learned in class what kind of a force that is and that it forms attractions between molecules and atoms. Another character or even a superhero I think of that’s similar to Spiderman is the Hulk. The Hulk is a fictional superhero that’s similar to Spiderman because Hulk also is a typical human being and then he turns into the “Hulk” when he gets angry and he like to help others just like Spiderman. One of Hulk’s characterizes is that he is such a strong superhero that he needs to fly around if he wants to get from destination A to destination B since he is extremely heavy and strong once he steps on the ground the concrete will be
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