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Sylvia Plath's Life Shown in Her Work Sylvia Plath is often described as a feminist poet who wrote about the difficulties women faced before women's right were a mainstream idea. From reading her poetry, it is quite obvious that Plath's feminism is extremely important to her, but she also wrote about a lot of day to day experiences and made them significant through her use of literary devices such as metaphors and symbols. Plath may also be best known for her autobiographical poetry written in a confessional style that appeared during the 1950s. She is considered a very important poet of the post-World War II era. She became widely known following her suicide in 1963 (Bawer). Through Sylvia Plath's poetry, readers are able to get a glimpse into her personal life. The particular time and place in which she wrote her poetry, the death of her father, her failed marriage, her battle with depression and others who influenced her all lead to the writing of some of her most cherished works. By examining the works and events in the life of Sylvia Plath, readers are able to get a better understanding of her work and her as a woman in the era that she lived in. Born in 1932, Plath grew up in an educational family environment in Winthrop Massachusetts, which was a fitting childhood home for a poet whose words are more intensely chilling than almost any other (Round). Plath would, later on, dedicate a poem to Winthrop and the surrounding areas called "Point Shirley". Through the poem,
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