Research Paper On Syrian Refugee Crisis

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Syrian Refugee Crisis
Christina Bernier
Our Lady of Mount Carmel S.S

CHRISTINA BERNIER 2 It is all the more important to think about refugees as more than just helpless people who will drain the resources of new countries but as hard-working and skilled people with unique cultures who want to thrive in new lands until they can return home. The Syrian civil war is going into its sixth year. With over 4.8 million externally displaced, the Syrian Refugee Crisis is becoming a massive international
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(Gilmore, 2015). As well as Canada, the United States can also increase their contributions to the refugees. They only reached about 1285 refugees by April 2016 which is only 13% of the original amount they promised. With about 29 state governors opposing Syrian immigration it makes it a lot harder to reach the already small goal of 10000. Regardless of the fact that, Secretary of State John Kerry pledged to the international community that the United States would commit to the families/refugees affected by the war. (Sakuma, 2016). The United States typically hates foreign aid because they think it is wasteful charity. In fact, almost all foreign aid dollars are for weapons to allies whose security services are fighting their battles for them. This is money that could be put toward the American refugee project! Foreign aid should focus on governance and economic assistance to poor and transforming regimes, such as Syria. If the United States used foreign aid for that reason specifically it would most definitely help prevent future refugee crises. (Miller,
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