Research Paper On Tabasco Sauce

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Have you ever gone to Avery Island? Avery Island is where Tabasco sauce is made and growed. people have come to Avery Island for hundres of years. a man named Edmund Mellhenny planted peppers there in 1868. In the factory there is a tour and it shows how tabasco sauce is made, stored, boddled, and sint to othe places. In order to make Tabasco sauce, peppers and salt from the Island are mashed up. The peppers and salt and are plast in oak berrels and sit for three years. When complete the Tabasco sauce is mixed with vineger, strained, and put into bottles. If you get bord of the factory tour there are all cens of other thing you can do. You can go see the alligators in the water or look for deer in the grasslands. and my favrout thing is the
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