Research Paper On Team Diversity

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TEAM DIVERSITY How important is diversity to a team in a workplace environment? Diversity on a team is critical in some workplace environments due to the possibility of worst case scenarios a team may face weekly. When attempting to work with a team to accomplish a goal, how important is it for everyone to be different, yet remain on one accord? Everyone on a team will have different characteristics, beliefs, cultural backgrounds, race, gender, customs, religions, etc. When a team has one goal and understands their strengths and weaknesses, the individuals can put their differences aside and find a common ground to accomplish their goal. Although, coming together on one accord as a team is viewed as the ideal outcome, there are many challenges that will lead up to that point. Different environments present different challenges which causes for different requirements from the team as a whole. The manager will have the challenge of getting the best out of their team daily and showing them ways they can work together. Diversity effects most aspects of a team environment, but it especially has an effect on the individuals involved, the roles individuals play, the team as a whole, and the changes a team goes through over time in its environment. How can an individual’s diversity traits effect a team’s performance or outcome, and what traits make an individual diverse from the rest of the team? If one of the team members happened to be a Buddhist and his
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