Research Paper On Teenage Pregnancy

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Natasha Lindemann
ENG 1121
17 November 2014
Major Research Paper
Teenage Pregnancy Teenage Pregnancy- when a young female conceives a child and is under the age of 20 by the end of the pregnancy period. How do these young girls cope with pregnancy at such a young age? Pregnant teens may be worried about how to tell their family and what everybody else will think about the situation. They In my paper I am going to talk about the risk factors, causes, choices of what to do with the child, health risks for an infant of a teenage mother, and the effects it puts on the teenager with her education, careers, opportunities, and relationships. At the end of my paper I hope to have gave more detail about teenage pregnancy. For parents of teenage girls, concerns about pregnancy are common. There is good reason for concern as at current rates about one-third of teen girls will become pregnant (Rudlin para 1). There are many risk factors that can be associated with the pregnancy. These can have anything to do with family, peers, community/culture, or their own individual self. It helps to know the risk factors that can increase the likelihood of a teen becoming pregnant. Some factors that have to do with family can be lack of parental supervision or lack of positive family interaction. Peer factors are dealing with friends that are sexually active or dealing with sexual pressure from peers. Some community/culture risk factors that increase the chance of teen pregnancy are high…
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