Research Paper On Tendinitis

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Tendinitis is the inflammation or irritation of tendons. A tendon is a thick fibrous cord that attaches muscle to bones. It causes tenderness and pain around a joint. It can occur anywhere in the body's tendons, although it mainly occurs around the shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees and heels. Tendinitis has many common names, such as; Tennis elbow, Golfer's elbow, Pitchers shoulder, Swimmer's shoulder, and Jumpers knee. If it is severe and you rupture your tendon, then surgery is a big part of getting the tendon repaired. For most people it is not severe, therefore it can be treated with rest, physical therapy, and medications. Most cases get help with self-care, although you should see a doctor when your signs and symptoms interfere with your daily activities for more than a few days. I'm not a big sports guy, but in 7th grade I tried out for football. I figured it would be lots of fun sense a lot of my friends played on the team. At first it was…show more content…
Getting around in the packed hallways at school was annoying. I had to explain was tendinitis was to many of people that never heard of it before. One day we had a practice fire drill and the spot we were supposed to go was across the field. I had to hop across a muddy field, packed with kids, with crutches I was barely used to. But my friends were laughing while watching me slowly swing across the football field and it was pretty funny to see. I ended up not playing on the team. I'd show up to some of the practices and do homework on the side while they got ready for a game. With shoe inserts and some physical therapy my ankles got back to normal. It wasn't a terrible disease or sickness, but it was still something that got in the way everyday, and I'll never forget the interesting experience. I don't play any sports so I haven't had any issues with it sense. But now I know how to handle it if I ever was to get that feeling my my ankles
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