Research Paper On The 13th Amendment

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The 13th amendment

The 13th amendment was one of the first of the three slavery amendments to be passed by an

American congress after the American civil war on January 31st

1865 under President Abraham Lincoln. The 13th was passed under the emancipation

Proclamation under President Abraham Lincoln declaring “, all persons held as slaves within any

State o designated part of state the people whereof shall be in rebellion against the United States

Of America shall thence forward, and forever free’’. Although the amendment was passed under

The senate on April 1st, 1869, however the House of Representatives did not when this happened

President Lincoln took action in ensuring the amendment passed through the house. President

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it was laws like black codes an Jim crow that made life a living hell for freed slaves or

The colored it was laws like such as these that led to the passing of another amendment.

The 14th Amendment

The 14th amendment was passed on July 9th, 1868 under President Andrew Johnson the

Amendment granted citizenship rights for former or freed slaves after the American

Civil war. Amendment 14th consisted of five sections one of the many five

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