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The Black Dahlia The story of the Black Dahlia has had people trying to find answers for years, with so many suspects and not many answers it only led to more mystery. Not much is known about the murder that happened and there are many possibilities, but among all the suspects one thing is clear and that is Ed burns didn't commit the crime. George Hodel committed the murder and there is a lot of evidence against him to prove this statement. In the murder of the Black Dahlia, Ed Burns didn't commit the crime but George Hodel was the one who is responsible for the murder. The mystery of the Black Dahlia has interested people for decades, the murder happened mid January 1947. A body was found cut in half in a vacant lot on L.A’s South Norton Avenue. A police detective later said after seeing the crime scene “ I just can't imagine someone else doing that to another human being.”( “Black Dahlia” ), the crime scene was that gruesome. The murder victim was 22 year old Elizabeth Short, called the Black Dahlia by the murderer. The mystery got its public interest when the L.A.P.D couldn't find someone responsible for the crime, This is why the mystery of what really happened still has people searching for answers.
Even Though the mystery was never solved one thing is clear and that is Ed Burns didn't commit the murder. He was identified in pictures as Ed Burns but only Months after the murder. Ed Burns was never talked about or seen in any FBI reports and was never mentioned in

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