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What Does The Hand Of Fatima Mean The hand of Fatima and the hand of Miriam are also known as the Hamsa hand which is the symbol of good luck, happiness and the successful life. The word Hamsa indicates the five finger of the hand. The specification of this symbol is the two thumbs with the three fingers in the symbol of hand of Fatima. This tradition was start from the religion of Middle East of the Africa; they use this symbol to protect them and their family from the evil power and the bad spirits. According these people this symbol contains the power to stop the negative power to harm anyone. it brings the good luck for your family in your house. The use of this symbol to protect your family and loved one from the bad powers is also very popular in…show more content…
This symbol is very powerful, which is fulfilled with the some invisible powers which can protect you from the bad energies. The hamsa hand is considered the hand of Fatima, which become symbol for the happy life. As in the Indian culture the swastika is considered the symbol for the good luck and happy life, in the African religion this symbol have the same meaning. But now this symbol has become very popular in all over world that it is used in all the religions of the world for peaceful happy life. The Hand Of Fatima Charmed Life Hand of Fatima symbols is weird as the bracelet and the necklace for the charmed life in all over the world. This symbol also has become the part of the modern fashion; it is also weird as the fashionable thing. People purchase this amulet to show their view of fashion, but these people do not aware with the power of this amulet. But it is not necessary for everyone to know the actual story of this item. If you do not know the powers of it, even then it will be same effective for you to make your life happy. This is the reason this is the reason this amulet become very popular in the
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