Research Paper On The Holocaust Museum

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Holocaust Museum
The Holocaust museum and study center, located Downtown of El Paso, Texas was constructed as a memorial to recognize those who were brutally murdered in the concentration camps by Adolf Hitler in 1933 to 1945. This building serves as a place where people can visit and study the history behind the Holocaust. The city of EL Paso built this museum to educate the community and prevent the Holocaust from reoccurring in history. Jewish families who have lost loved ones or are survivors come here and recognize the millions of Jews who were killed in the tragic event. The Holocaust remains one the most tragic events in history.
History Behind the Museum
During this tragic event many Jewish people died in concentration camps, but only a few survived out of millions who attended. A Holocaust survivor named Henry Kellen was one of those few who survived the most devastating moment in history. In 1984, Henry Kellen decided to speak about his experience in the Holocaust. Later, Kellen wanted to educate others about the Horrors of the Holocaust. Kellen's mission was to stop media from spreading false information about the Holocaust and the idea that the Holocaust never occurred.
In 1984, Kellen borrowed a tiny piece of land from the Jewish Community Center in West El Paso. After borrowing land, Kellen held speeches at the place. When Kellen delivered his speeches, he always brought with him books and personal items that had great meaning. Word quickly spread
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