Research Paper On The Mandela Effect

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The Mandela Effect is a collective misremembering of a fact or event. This phenomenon originated in 2010 when Fiona Broome, an author, researcher, and paranormal consultant, explained online that she thought Nelson Mandela had died while he was in prison. To her surprise many other people had the same exact memory as her. Some people even remember learning about his death in school. Other famous examples of the Mandela Effect are the misremembering of famous lines from movies, the spelling of Bernstein bears and Looney Tunes, and whether Curious George has a tail. There are many theories that try to explain this phenomenon. They are anything from what the brain wants to see to parallel universes to false memory syndrome. The Mandela Effect…show more content…
These examples of the Mandela Effect outline an unofficial theory of why the Mandela Effect occurs. A quick explanation of these is that peoples’ recollections are distorted by prior associations and expectations. When it comes to spelling, people expect Bernstein Bears because “Stein” is more common than “Stain”. It is expected for looney tunes to be spelled Looney Toons because the show is full of a bunch of toons and not really any singing. Lastly, people expect Curious George to have a tail because it is common for monkeys to have a tail. When things go against the norms of society people begin to question themselves because their brain can’t comprehend why anything would differ from the expected…show more content…
This is the study focused on developing technology based on the principles of quantum theory (“Quantum Computing”, 2010). According to the creator Geordie Rose, “The computer is able to enter other dimensions to bring back the answers to questions that we haven’t even thought of yet! Not only that, but they are taking resources back into our dimension from wherever the other one lies” (“Forget Mandela Effects, Think Quantum Pollution”, 2016). Parallel universes overlap with ours which makes it easy for the computer to tap into them. It is claimed that testing of these computers causes some of the other universes to slip into ours. Another theory within quantum computing is quantum tunneling. “This is a two-way communication pathway where Qbits enter other dimensions and burrow into a parallel world. Upon receipt of a solution from another dimension it must be translated back to a form humans can use” (“Forget Mandela Effects, Think Quantum Pollution”, 2016). This causes some people to remember things one way and other people to remember things the other way. They are getting memories from two different
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