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“I'll bet they’re glad to get out of the barn and have a chance to exercise their legs,” he thought to himself, as he returns to the table. After doing some additional figuring, he steps back looking down at the papers on the table. “Measurements, he said with excitement in his voice, I need measurements.” Grabbing a handful of paper, a ruler, and a bottle of ink, he walks out the door headed for the reindeer barn, leaving the door open. Walking into the barn the wizard calls out, “Hey Pete I need your help again.” Appearing in the doorway of the tack room, the wrangler sticks his head out and says, “Hello Wiz, what can help you with this time?” “Pete, the wizard said, I need your help on this special…show more content…
“Pete, the wizard said, dust off the floor where this hoof will go, then I put it down, and after it’s clean put a couple of sheets of paper there.” Watching as Pete cleans the spot with the brush and puts the paper down, Sly says, “Good, now let’s make the hoof print.” Putting the animal's hoof in the middle of the sheet, Sly presses down on the leg to get a good impression. Lifting the leg Sly motions for the wrangler removed the sheet of paper. Putting the animals' leg down, Sly walks over to look at the paper, “Beautiful, he said, just what I need, now let’s do the other three feet.” After getting the print of Dancer hoofs, Sly hands the ruler and brush to Pete, saying “That’s what I want you and your helpers to do for me. And be sure, he instructed Pete to cover the entire hoof with ink so we will get a good print” “And he continues.” I would like you to measure and print the hooves of the reindeer in this order. Comet, Dasher, Cupid, Dunder, Prancer, Vixen and Blixen. Be sure, the wiz cautioned, to mark each print with the animals name and which hoof, print front or back right or left.” Standing with the brush in one hand and the ruler in the other while waiting for his helper to bring in the next an animal Pet asks, “What’s this all about why do you need the hoof prints and why in this order?” “There is a reason I need them, but I will explain later. And, Sly says.

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