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Technology is overpowering our minds
In the Shallows Nicholas Carr shown his side of the argument that technology is overpowering our minds. How he proves this fact is that whenever we learn something new on the computer it takes less than 2 days for the brain to reshape itself to adapt to the new learning environment. The brian has a plasticity to being able to mold itself into a new challenge to adapt to a new circumstance. We become dependent of the internet addicted to see what is new with our friends. Finally it shows that we can’t be offline for a certain time period or we will get withdraws like a drug. This shows how the internet and technology has affected us in a terrible manner.
How the internet is overpowering our minds is how we love to be instantly gratified with something. For example in the book The Shallows states that “ The Net provides positive reinforcements by delivering responses and rewards to the user.” It’s that the Net delivers precisely the kind of sensory and cognitive stimuli—repetitive, intensive, interactive, addictive—that have been shown to result in strong and rapid alterations in brain circuits and functions. With the exception of alphabets and number systems, the Net
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It is everywhere around us in our cars,schools,even on our city streets. All of it is connected by the internet as we are to our social media sites. Unable to be away from long periods of time with outstanding anxiety to the user, we are so needy of the tool that you would think you’re life depended on it. As this explains today’s teenagers typically send or receive a message every few minutes throughout their waking hours. As the psychotherapist Michael Hausauer notes, teens and other young adults have a “terrific interest in knowing what’s going on in the lives of their peers, coupled with a terrific anxiety about being out of the loop.” If they stop sending messages, they risk becoming invisible.
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