Research Paper On Tim Hortons

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Introduction/background Information:

Name of person interviewed
Rainier I lustre
Present occupation
Student part-time at Tim Horton’s
Company that employs this person
Tim Horton’s Why did he choose this occupation?
It’s near where he lives, it’s easily accessible and also to gain skills. What makes this job attractive to him/her?
The job lets him improve his skill and is a great experience as a job If this position is the first career, is he considering a second career? Why?
Considering a second year to gain more improvement
He’s in grade 12 when he obtain this job and he continued his education ever since starting his job. His parents and friends are the ones who help decide on what job to get and also because of the time he has where he also goes to school.
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The most of his job is having money, associating with people and having abilities. The skills needed at his job are multitasking and working fast-paced. If he were to hire someone to do that job he would choose someone that can learn
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