Research Paper On Titanic

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The Titanic cost 1,500,000 and 17,000 men worked for three years to build her. The Titanic was 882 feet long and 92 feet wide, with eight decks. The ship had four giant smokestacks and a massive rudder. Its three propellers were the size of enormous windmills. They were driven by three huge engines. The engines were driven by steam produced in 29 huge boilers. The boilers were powered by 159 coal-burning furnaces.

The sheer scale of the Titanic remains impressive to this day, but so is the design. The hall was sleek and sheer. The two masts were a relic from the days of sail and were used only as flagpoles.

During the building of the ship there were more than 250 outsiders. Eight men died. One unfortunate worker was crushed under the ship
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