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The parts of work which Visola enjoys is being able to see their expression change. Visola explains, “It’s very rewarding to see that after being taken away from their secure place and being left in sadness, I am still able to unlock positive feelings and emotions from the residents.” For instance, when he has music played by an entertainer or by a boom box and he is able to unlock a smile or see them enjoy the music by expressing a tapping of the foot, Visola pleases himself because he is able to capture a moment of happiness from the residents. Quoted from Visola, he see “the lights still burn;” the residents show their uplifted human spirit. After the interview I was able to experience a jazz entertainer at Evergreen. This was something very new to me.…show more content…
She introduced me to her older sister, Mary, which was sitting next to her. Mary was a really thin woman, she looked very fragile, and I could tell she was cold even with her sweater on. Lupe told me that she was mentally sick. Mary had fallen and hit her head and ever since then she has not been the same. At that moment Mary looked at Lupe with a confused looked on her face and Lupe quickly said, “I said you’re beautiful,” in Spanish and blew her a kiss. At that point I saw the sibling love they had for each other: I could relate with the sibling love they carry. The jazz entertainer then started playing his tunes on the electric guitar and had a tablet connected to speakers with the other instruments playing. I was astonished with the response of all the residents, they were at peace. I was enjoying the music myself with Mary, who was clapping her hands, and Lupe, who was moving to the beat in their wheelchairs. I swayed to the beat on my chair and looked at Lupe with a smile and she responded with a wink. I could see how happy they were. I assumed they loved to dance back in their days. At that point I could see the sparkle in their eyes and experience what Visola found very enjoyable about his
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