Research Paper On Wakesurfing

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If you have a cabin or live on a lake, you most likely own a boat and enjoy fishing or watersports. Watersports have been getting more and more popular with many different things to do behind a boat. One of these popular water sports is wakesurfing. Wakesufing has become the fastest growing watersport today.
There are many things to consider before you actually go out and wakesurf. First of all you need the correct boat. You are gonna need an inboard boat to be able to wakesurf. An inboard boat has the propeller tucked under the boat and is not visible. Never wakesurf behind an outboard or outboard/inboard boat. These type of boats have the propeller behind the boat. This is really dangerous because you could fall and get injured by the propeller.
Another thing
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Getting up is the easiest part of wakesurfing. It may seem difficult and very frustrating at first but once you get the hang of things it will seem so easy. One thing about wakesurfing is that you can't give up. Just like anything else you have to practice to get better. To get up on a wakesurf board you will need to lay in the water with the board flat on the water. The nose of the board should be perpendicular to you and the boat. You want to lay on your back and put the heels of your feet on the wakesurf board with your toes pointed up. One heel goes on the very back of the board and the other goes in the middle. Your legs should be shoulder-width apart. Hold the handle of the rope and make sure the rope is in between your legs. When you are situated, tell the boat driver to go. Once the rope tightens, keep your arms straight and put some weight on your heels. This will flip the board up on your feet. You also need to keep your knees up to your chest. This will help you pop up on the board. If you do all this correctly the board should be on plane and you should be able to stand up. Once you are up you should get the feel of the board by turning and digging into the
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